As an industry leader with a global reach, we are able to positively impact the world through the use of our technologies and innovations. With years of experience and a proven portfolio of products, PeroxyChem is well equipped to help clients address environmental concerns. Our products help clean and restore contaminated lands. And, no matter the challenge, we always remember collaboration is key.

Sustainable Operations

We aim to be mindful of efficient and sustainable ways to operate our business as we develop our technologies. We are proud that our peroxygens plants in Tonawanda, New York and Rheinfelden, Germany utilize clean, renewable hydroelectric power generated by nearby facilities for use within our operations. And to make sure we continue to have a positive impact, we actively evaluate our business processes to identify ways of minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and to address customer needs.


The rigor we bring to our business includes a dedication to safety. An incident-free workplace is our first and foremost goal and we see it as a deep expression of how we value our employees and partners, outside communities and the environment. No amount of cost or time savings could justify the risk of unsafe practices. Our products are designed to improve safety and enhance conditions for people worldwide. We take these same principles and apply them to the safety of our operations. From the design and development of our chemistries through their end use and disposal, we work to promote responsible management of our products and processes.