Hydrogen Peroxide – Vital chemistries for vital industries

One of the most versatile and environmentally compatible oxidizing agents, hydrogen peroxide represents vital chemistries for many of the world’s most vital industries. As leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen peroxide, we offer a broad range of concentrations and purities in our product line up, which means our hydrogen peroxide can be used for electronics, paper production and anything in between.

The versatility of hydrogen peroxide is evidenced by the variety of oxidation potentials and pH ranges in which it can act as an oxidizer. In the acid pH range, for example, uncatalyzed hydrogen peroxide is a moderate oxidizer but when catalyzed with iron, it becomes a powerful oxidizer. In the alkaline pH range, hydrogen peroxide can compete with hypochlorite as an oxidizer.

At PeroxyChem, we will continue to pioneer new uses and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively store and handle hydrogen peroxide, so you can continue to have versatile, dependable and environmentally friendly chemistries to rely on.

Key Functions