Treatment of Organochlorine Pesticides from Impacted Soils using Daramend® Reagent

A 2,600-ton in situ pilot was conducted at a site in Florida using Daramend® Reagent achieving remedial goals within 3 weeks.

Type of Site

Confidential former agricultural site



Contaminants Treated



The remedial objective was to treat the dieldrin concentration from 45.9 μg/kg - as indicated by the results from the site characterization sampling - to below 15 μg/kg . Two sequential Daramend® treatments consisting of an eight-day anoxic phase followed by a two-day oxic phase were applied to the soil surface and incorporated to a depth of 1 foot with a tractor-driven deep rotary tiller or disc.


The dieldrin concentration in the soil decreased from an average of 45.9 μg/kg to 15.1 μg/kg in two treatment cycles, which comprises a removal rate of 67%. A third treatment cycle was able to reduce the concentration by 85 to 90%.