Remediation of Soil Containing Organic Explosives by using Daramend® Reagent

Daramend® reagent effectively reduced the concentrations of TNT, DNT and Tetryl during two separate pilot-scale demonstrations on contaminated soil. Daramend was also effectively applied during a full-scale (3,000 ton) demonstration of the technology at the same site on TNT impacted soil.

Type of Site

Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (JAAP)


First pilot-scale demonstration conducted by Plexus Environmental, under contract of US Army Environmental Center. Second and third pilot-scale demonstrations conducted by unknown consultants.


Wilmington, Illinois

Contaminants Treated

TNT, Tetryl, 2,4-DNT, 2,6-DNT


In the first demonstration, Daramend® was applied to a 10-ton bioremediation cell that contained TNT impacted soil and to a 10-ton bioremediation cell that contained Tetryl impacted soil. In the second demonstration, Daramend was applied to two 150-ton windrows of soils impacted with Tetryl, TNT and DNT. In the third demonstration, two windrows containing 1,500 tons of TNT impacted soil each were treated using Daramend to demonstrate the technology, using the windrows at full-scale.


In the first demonstration, TNT concentrations were reduced from about 5,900 mg/kg to 114 mg/kg, and Tetryl concentrations were reduced from about 6,000 mg/kg to less than 20 mg/kg. In the second demonstration, Tetryl, TNT, and DNT concentrations were reduced from 314 mg/kg, 122 mg/kg, and 62 mg/kg, to 8.3 mg/kg, 2.1 mg/kg, and 2.1 mg/kg, respectively. In the third demonstration, Daramend® bioremediation was effectively applied at full-scale using windrow protocols.