Remediation of DDT, DDE and Dieldrin on a 240-acre Future Residential Development Site using Daramend® Reagent

Daramend® was applied first to a two-acre pilot project, and then to an additional 32 acres. The treatment successfully destroyed the concentrations of organochlorinated contaminants on time and on budget.

Type of Site

240-acre future residential development; Confidential client


Ontario, Canada

Contaminants Treated

DDT, DDE, Dieldrin


Approximately 34 acres of 240 acres of land had residual concentrations of organochlorinated
pesticides that exceeded the residential use standards. Daramend® reagent was spread onto the soil and incorporated using specialized rotary tillers to drive the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) down.


For plots that were treated in one cycle, the average percentage removal ranged from 38% to 53% of DDT, DDE and Dieldrin. For plots that required two treatment cycles, the average percentage removal was between 65% and 68%. The remedial standards were met for 100% of the plots within a period of four months.