Elimination of Potential Vapor Pathway and Remediation of VOCs by using a Daramend®-sand mixture

With nine years of data Daramend® addressed long-term mitigation of vapor pathway concerns over exposed areas containing concentrations of dissolved VOCs.


Oxnard, California

Type of site

90-acre residential development

Contaminants Treated

1,2-DCA, cis-1,2-DCE, VC, trichloroethene (TCE), and methylene chloride (DCM) and vinyl chloride (VC)


LFR Inc., Remedial Engineer and Contractor


Soil and groundwater in three main areas were affected by numerous VOCs. Daramend® reagent was blended into the uncontaminated sand above that water table at a rate of 0.8% by mass and was used to backfill the excavated source areas.


The nine year monitoring program indicates that concentrations of all the monitored chlorinated compounds were substaintially reduced. The combination of excavation, on-site treatment, and in situ treatment provided a novel, and cost effective approach for this site.