Application of Klozur® CR Achieves Treatment Goals for Hydrocarbons, BTEX and MTBE at a Former Petroleum Station in Italy

Klozur® CR, a combined remedy treatment technology consisting of Klozur® SP (sodium persulfate) and PermeOx® Ultra (extended release calcium peroxide) was successfully applied at a site in a densely populated urban area in Bologna, Italy


Hydrocarbons, BTEX and MTBE


Bologna, Italy

Type of Site

Former Petrol Station

The site groundwater was contaminated with hydrocarbons (C<12 ~ 2000 μg/L), benzene (~ 500 μg/L), ethylbenzene (~ 380 μg/L) and methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) (~ 13000 μg/L).  After the application, reductions in petroleum hydrocarbons and MTBE concentrations were achieved by greater than 80 % and 90%, respectively. Monitoring data confirmed that elevated oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels were sustained to support continued enhanced aerobic bioremediation.