As part of our commitment to the soil and groundwater remediation market, we offer a series of free webinars. The educational webinars, led by individuals from our experienced team of technical professionals, focus on a variety of topics on the science behind some of today's most innovative remedial treatments.

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Generating Reactive Minerals In Situ to Enhance Reductive Treatment of Chlorinated Organics and Metals

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Evonik's Dan Leigh will briefly cover the basic biological and geochemical processes that occur when applying reductive technologies for in situ treatment of chlorinated organics and metals. It will describe in more detail how these processes synergistically generate reactive iron-sulfide (FeS) minerals that create an additional biogeochemical treatment pathway that can abiotically degrade chlorinated organics, sequester many toxic metals and increase the effectiveness of zero valent iron. Evonik has developed the GeoForm® family of reagents designed enhance our current biological and chemical reduction reagents by generating large quantities of these reactive minerals. Results from bench, pilot and full-scale field studies from sites where these reagents have been applied for in situ treatment of chlorinated organics and metals, and innovative sampling and analytical methods will be presented.

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