A trial of VigorOx® WWTII, a PAA-based Formula, to Treat Pathogens

Missouri wastewater treatment plant saves costs using peracetic acid formula to treat wastewater

Type of Site

Wastewater treatment plant


Hannibal, MO

Contaminants Treated

Pathogens, including E. coli and fecal coliform


The Hannibal WWTP sought an alternative disinfection process that did not require dechlorination and was cost effective and simple to operate. VigorOx® WWT II was desirable because of its ease of operation, small footprint, low capital costs, efficacy across a broad pH range and rapid disinfection rate. The plant conducted a trial using VigorOx WWT II to determine its ability to meet an upcoming E. coli requirement of 126cfu/100mL.


A PAA dosage of 1.4ppm was found to be effective at meeting the trial goal for E. coli. Similarly, the formulation was capable of maintaining fecal coliform counts well below the discharge limit. The substitute for chlorination processes proved to be fully capable of meeting requirements for both pathogen performances and effluent quality performances and was safe for local aquatic species.