VigorOx® WWTII, a Peracetic Acid-based Formula, Used for Wastewater Disinfection at St. Augustine

Treatment of wastewater in St. Augustine treatment plant to gauge the effectiveness of a VigorOx® WWT II system as compared to a chorination/dechlorination system.

Type of Site

Wastewater treatment plant


St. Augustine, FL

Contaminants Treated

Enterococci, fecal coliform (FC)


After successful bench-scale testing with PAA, a full-scale demonstration test was conducted at the St. Augustine WWTP to evaluate the performance of the PAA disinfection system compared to the existing chlorination/dechlorination systems. The evaluation was based on several criteria, including disinfection performance, aquatic toxicity, disinfection byproducts and chemical consumption sustainability. 


The PAA system achieved equivalent disinfection performance for both enterococci and fecal coliform compared to the chlorine treated system. The PAA system was found to have some environmental advantages, since it did not generate DBIs and exhibited less toxicity to aquatic life. Use of PAA reduced the enterococci count between 1 and 6 cfu/L, well below the plant discharge limit of 25 cfu/100mL.