VigorOx® WWT II is the Most Cost Effective Wastewater Disinfection Alternative

Wastewater Plant in Canada Used PeroxyChem’s Peracetic Acid to Meet Regulatory Requirements


Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Contaminants Treated


Type of site

Wastewater Plant


According to new requirements set by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, chlorine residual will be limited to 0.02 mg/L or less to minimize toxicity to aquatic organisms and the disinfection goal will maintain as a monthly geometric mean of 200 CFU/100 mL for E. coli.


FMC’s pilot test confirmed that VigorOx WWT II is a cost effective solution for the Sudbury plant to achieve the disinfection goals. Specifically, a VigorOx WWT II dosage of 0.7 to 2.0 ppm was found to be effective to disinfect E. coli to well below the permit limits. A lifecycle cost analysis indicated that VigorOx WWT II is the most cost effective option.