Aseptic Beverage Packaging

From a morning orange juice to a rejuvenating energy drink, we all rely on beverage manufacturers to ensure that the drinks we enjoy are not only refreshing, but also safe to consume. Major beverage manufacturers are challenged to find easy-to-use and cost-effective chemistries to treat harmful microorganisms encountered during the packaging process.

From closure systems to bath, spray, vapor or immersion sterilization, PeroxyChem offers a robust portfolio of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based sterilants and sanitizers to meet the evolving demands of low-acid, high-acid aseptic and ESL applications in the beverage packaging market. PeroxyChem’s hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and peracetic acid (PAA) sterilants provide optimal sterility that meet your aseptic beverage packaging needs, yet have minimal environmental impact, by breaking down into benign by-products after use.

Key Functions