PeroxyChem and EthicalChem Enter into an Exclusive Agreement for Distribution of EthicalChem’s Surfactant Portfolio in the United States

Philadelphia, PA – March 29, 2021 – PeroxyChem, LLC and Ethical Solutions, LLC (dba EthicalChem) announced today they have entered into an exclusive master distributor agreement in the US for the distribution of EthicalChem’s plant-based, readily biodegradable surfactants and patented remediation processes. The surfactants are designed for implementation in combination with Klozur® persulfate and hydrogen peroxide to achieve timely and cost-effective site cleanup.

“We believe that EthicalChem’s patented remediation technologies, S-ISCO ((Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation) and SEPR (Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery), complement our existing products and enhance the effectiveness of treating challenging contaminants such as oil range organics. In addition, we look forward to offering S-ISCO lab treatability studies to our clients,” said Scott Steffl, Global Business Director, PeroxyChem.

“We are excited to have our long-standing, excellent relationship with PeroxyChem evolve further, with PeroxyChem becoming the exclusive U.S. Distributor for our S-ISCO and SEPR technologies” said Dan Socci, Managing Principal & CEO of EthicalChem. “PeroxyChem oxidants and EthicalChem surfactants have been used in combination successfully for well over a decade. Having both product lines available from PeroxyChem will enhance our customers’ procurement and implementation experiences.”

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