Persulfates are the most chemically active of the peroxygens, with great utility in a variety of chemical processes. PeroxyChem persulfates, backed by years of experience, are manufactured to strict specifications for thermal stability, making them among the most stable available.

PeroxyChem is the leading producer of peroxygen chemicals and a major researcher in active oxidant chemistry. We are the world's largest and North America's only producer of peroxydisulfates, a group of chemicals commonly referred to as persulfates. PeroxyChem manufactures ammonium, potassium, and sodium persulfates at a plant in Tonawanda, New York and ammonium and sodium persulfates at a plant in Rheinfelden Germany. Our dedicated plant employees contribute to PeroxyChem's 70+ years of peroxygen production experience.

PeroxyChem provides a reliable supply of high-quality, stable persulfates to the global market. The Tonawanda plant is an ISO-9002 certified facility near the Niagara River outside Buffalo, NY. Both locations provide abundant local resources, including reliable supplies of hydroelectric power and cooling water.

PeroxyChem has been the world's leading producer of persulfates for decades, yet we continually find ways to improve our products, especially their safety.

Our research into the characteristics of peroxydisulfates has improved the quality and the stability of all PeroxyChem persulfates. An understanding of the crystalline structure of persulfates and the interplay with heat and moisture have changed quality control procedures, manufacturing processes, and storage requirements for these products. We have established new specifications for thermal stability which make persulfates among the most stable available. Persulfates are strong oxidants, have excellent shelf life when stored properly, and are economical to use. These properties make persulfates suitable for a variety of applications.

PeroxyChem is committed to the principles of Product Stewardship and to manufacturing, transporting, storing, and using chemicals in a safe manner. The commitment begins with the manufacturing process and continues throughout the life cycle of our products. Our continuing effort is to ensure that safety, health, and environmental issues are addressed wherever persulfates are handled or used.

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